DecalScript Downloads


Decal Script is distributed in 2 parts (client/server).  Links to download each are listed below.


DScript Server (x.x mb) – Not yet available.  Client is capable of running scripts locally.


DScript Client Alpha Release 0.3.0 (3.50 mb) – Includes both windows client and Decal plugin.


I do my best to scan all distributed files for viruses/trojans/etc.  However, I would still encourage you to scan all downloaded files before attempting to open them.


If you have problems opening install files be sure you have the Microsoft System Installer, downloadable from the Microsoft website.


Other Downloads


Spells.htm (776 kb) – Contains a complete list of spells for Asheron’s Call.  Not all of these are castable.  Right-Click to save.


Microsoft System Installer (1.44 mb) – Required by some Win 9x users.


Decal – Required for most of DecalScript’s functionality.


MDAC 2.7 – Microsoft Data Access Components.  Required for some Win 9x users.  DecalScript install will report whether or not this is needed before install.